Friday, October 18, 2013

Final Goodbye

Mom, I had to make one last blog to let you know that everything is just fine. Grandpa and I have found each other, and we are both very happy and content.  However, getting here was not uneventful.

I had to make a deal with the devil in order to write this final blog. He offered me either a starring role in a Disney movie, or a chance to write a last blog for you in return for Uncle Steve’s soul. Uncle Steve said take the deal because he was probably going to hell anyway. There was really no choice for me; I had to say goodbye to you.

When I got to the Peary Gates, Saint Peter asked me if I had been a good dog. I said, “Yes”. He asked if I had committed any of the 7 deadly sins. I said, “No”. Then I goofed. I asked what the 7 Deadly Sins were. He said:


 Uh oh

 Oh no

 You can never have too many toys. I think Saint Peter will understand.

 Oh shit!

 I think I'm screwed!
 Oh GOD!!!!


 That's it. I'm going to hell!!!!

I looked down into the abyss, and I saw those damned basset hounds from a couple of years ago. They were chasing their tails and thinking they are going to torture me for eternity. Then I hear Saint Peter say, "It also says here that where ever you were people were happy, laughing, and they knew that they were loved." I was really confused. I looked at Saint Peter and said, "Well that's what dogs are for."

It got real quite. I was waiting for the door to open and I was going to slide down into hell. I looked up, and I thought I saw Saint Peter wipe a tear away from his eye and he waived his hand to motion me in. I was not going to ask anymore questions. I hot footed it through the Pearly Gates as quick as I could, although I did take time to stick my tongue out at the basset hounds.

So Grandpa and I are here just waiting for you. There is no sense of time here, so don't worry about us. I am worried about you though. You need a puppy to love you, so I expect there to be a Speck 2, Speck 3, and maybe a Speck 4. But remember, nobody will love you as much as Speck 1.


The Speckster


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