Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tuesday's Suck!!!!

I'm sorry, but Tuesday's really suck around here. Both Aunt Kathy and Uncle Steve are gone most of the day, and when they get home you kind of wonder if they are just zombies. They walk around like they left their butts about 2 miles behind them. Aunt Kathy did play ball with me a little today, and I got to sit on her lap after dinner, but after that they were real dead beats. I have to wake them up to go to bed. OK, Uncle Steve did help me with the blog, and as usually he took a real cute picture of me (are there any other kind!).
Also, the weather has everyone in a really down mood. It can't decide if it's raining, sleeting, or snowing. It may be doing all three at the same time. We are supposed to have 5 inches of snow by morning. I heard Uncle Steve say there is no way in hell that he is shoveling any more. Aunt Kathy seemed to sense that she should not say anything after all the snow Uncle Steve had to shovel this year.

Hope you had a nice flight. Here is that cute picture of me.

The Speckster!!!


At 10:35 AM, Blogger Speck said...

Hey Speckster-

Sounds like we got out of town just in time. Don't worry, these late winter snows melt right away anyway. Here it's a little windy and mid 50's and sunny. Perfect walking around weather.

We are both dead tired. We each slept on the plane for about 3 hrs and haven't gone to bed yet. We forced ourselves to stay up. Which isn't too bad when you have a lot to see.

We got in around 7:45 A.M. here and checked in to the hotel. We went on a long walk down Las Ramblas which is a famous street in the City. It ends at a huge tower/statue called the "Monument a Colom" which depicts Columbus. We took a lift to the top and got a nice view of the city.

We just got back to the hotel (it's almost 6:00 here, 6 hrs difference) from seeing the Picasso Museum. Pretty cool, but easily do-able in a shorter period of time since it was just his stuff.

We're gonna try to stay awake, have dinner and go to sleep and hopefully we'll be better adjusted tomorrow.

Give AK and US a big lick on the face to say thanks and don't worry, that snow will be gone faster than you can take off US's finger while trying to grab a treat!

Talk to you soon.
Love Mom and Dad.


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