Tuesday, April 20, 2010

So Many Toys, Which One Must Die!!!

It's been another quite day here. Uncle Steve works late, and Aunt Kathy goes to aerobics, so I've been guarding the house. When Uncle Steve got home, we played with my toys. As you can see in the movie, I was having some difficulty decided which one would have to suffer my wrath! We will play some more after I finish the blog.

I started to help Aunt Kathy make dinner again, but Uncle Steve asked me to play with my toys, so I stayed out of trouble tonight. I just don't have the timing down right with Aunt Kathy. I keep plowing into her feet, and she almost falls down. I can see where this might be considered a problem.

There are having another meeting tonight at Browndale Park about our new neighbor. Neither Aunt Kathy or Uncle Steve could go. We will let you know anything we find out. It sounds like the police are walking a fine line between making the neighbors happy, and getting sued for harrassment. It seems like no one is happy with this situation. The main things that concerns Uncle Steve was this guy was a Level III sex offender a couple of months ago, and now all of the sudden he is a Level II. Even the police chief did not seem happy about that.

Hope you're having fun on your trip.


The Speckster


At 3:26 PM, Blogger Speck said...

Hi Speck,

You should probably stop terrorizing AK in the kitchen. We know how much you love to help out with cleaning up the floor in the kitchen, but you can get a little underfoot.

Yesterday, we went to Shanghai Old City and Yu Yuan Garden. You could sure use a backyard like that! They had pagodas and rock caves, a lake with bridges across it and Giant Goldfish (Koi Carp) that you could feed rice cakes to if you wanted. It was super pretty. We went to the tea house in the center of the lake for Grandma and Grandpa to have a cup of tea. The bridge to the teahouse has zig zags in it because evil spirits can't turn corners (duh!) There were a lot of shops around there, so we did some shopping and then had lunch at this neat restaurant where there was a guy cooking on a giant cast iron plate in front. He made a dish that was eggs spread out into a thin layer on the hot plate, then he put fried rice in the middle of it, along with some chicken and shrimp, and then folded the thin egg edges over on top of the rice. He cut it into squares and served it like that. Super yummy! We also had soup with beef, peppers and homemade noodles (tricky to eat with chopsticks, but we managed) sesame cakes, crab dumplings, fried rice, and drinks. The bill came to around 130 yuan ($20 US) for all four of us. That's less than we paid for one of us to have a sandwich at the hotel two days ago! We've found that it's really not a good fiscal move to eat at the hotels here. The downside (besides the risk of all dying from some horrible food poisoning) is that your Grandpa can't get a fork to eat with without a struggle. At this restaurant, they brought him and Grandma forks, and his was really beat up. When it broke in two, he asked for another, and they said that those were the only two forks in the restaurant. Grandma graciously gave up her fork for him, and by the end of the meal, she was eating even fried rice like a pro!

We had tickets to the Opera, but when we got there, the Shanghai Oriental Arts Center was dark, and when we went inside, they were giving people their money back for the tickets. China declared yesterday a national day of mourning for the earthquake victims, so they cancelled all arts performances, concerts, and even cancelled programming on Chinese television stations. Oh, my God! Can you imagine your Dad without television! Luckily, the english speaking channels still worked.

Having had our fill of Chinese food for a while, we went out for Italian for dinner. It was delicious. The guy that owned the restaurant was actually Italian, so he knew his stuff. Your Grandpa was just excited to see a fork.

We hope you're providing plenty of entertainment for AK and US. Be sure to be extra cuddly to AK to make up for your kitchen antics!

Love, Mom and Dad


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