Sunday, February 14, 2010

Going For a Walk Around Lake Harriet

Uncle Steve is getting soft! This is his idea of going for a walk around Lake Harriet; he walks, and I ride. As you will see below, I did do some walking, but it got cold, so Aunt Kathy told Uncle Steve to pick me up. I did not object. The wind was coming out of the west, so as long as we were on the west side of the lake, it was ok. When we got over to the east side of the lake, it was colder than the mammory gland of a female member of the occult! I was trouping right along, but Aunt Kathy that I could use so of Uncle Steve's body heat. He put me down once we got to the north end of the lake, but the wind picked up again at the band shell, so I got a short ride back to the car. I was fine the whole time, but Aunt Kathy likes to baby me. Again, I did not object. Here is a movie of me at the beginning of the walk. I had lots of energy then:

We had a fun morning sitting in the Lazy Boy, alternating between napping and reading. Uncle Steve had to get up to go talk to the repairman who came to fix the gargage door. I heard something about a spring breaking, and an amount of money that made both Uncle Steve and Aunt Kathy pretty bummed out. The more I learn about this money stuff, the more I enjoy not having to worry about it. People who take care of your every need are really handy to have around.

Glad to hear you had a good flight. See you soon.


The Speckster


At 8:42 PM, Blogger Speck said...

Dear Speck,
Glad to hear you had a nice walk/ride around Lake Harriet. You do put on quite the show when your feet start to get too cold. Is that a new coat? You look awfully stylish!

Today we went into a little touristy shopping/restaurant area in Clearwater on Madiera Beach for lunch and some shopping. We may have gotten you a new charm for your collar, but I'm not telling what it is. It was pretty chilly here for Florida, but much nicer than your lake-walking weather for sure. We spent some time back at Sherrie and Paul's condo building sandcastles and flying a kite on the beach (while wearing three t-shirts and a hoodie). There are really pretty seashells on their beach, and we also saw a jellyfish and a couple of weird pink globular sea creatures that we couldn't identify. I'm sure you would have eaten them before we had a chance to pull you off of them had you been here.

Tonight, we found a really good pizza place for dinner. No big plans for tomorrow. Just hanging around.

Take good care of AK and US while we're gone. Love, Mom and Dad


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