Friday, May 01, 2009

Went for a Nice Walk on a Sunny Day

The weather here was very nice. It was in the lower 60's, with a bit of a breeze. Uncle Steve took me for a walk around Wolfe Lake. I think he figured out that I am getting to old to do marathon training with him. Plus, he just hasn't figured out why dogs go for a walk. He keeps saying things like, "We're going for a walk, not a sniff!", or "You can't possibly need to go again!" I don't want exercise; I want to leave my mark, and sniff who has left their mark behind. I thought I had trained Uncle Steve better than that. It is nice to be small and fit into peoples' lap, but just once I'd like to be big enough to haul Uncle Steve around and teach him what a walk is really for!

When we got home, the bassett hounds were barking in the back yard. As you can see, I put them in their place. Also, Uncle Steve has reported that sometimes there is a cat in the backyard. The cat is about the same size I am, but I assured him that no cat is any match for me! Uncle Steve is still keeping me on a leash in the backyard, just to protect the cat.

Uncle Steve is really jealous of your trip. London is one of his favorite cities. Both Uncle Steve and Aunt Kathy have very found memories of Harrod's. They started to take pictures of some of the store, and a security guard appeared out of nowhere to let them know that they should not be doing that. Uncle Steve seems to remember that Stonehenge wasn't too far from London. He really like that.

I'll be sure to take care of Aunt Kathy and Uncle Steve. They have a quiet weekend planned, so I'll give them lots of tender, loving, care.


The Speckster


At 5:18 PM, Blogger Speck said...

Hi Speck,
Wow, actual video footage of the great Utica Avenue rivalry. I like how you played it cool at the end of the exchange and just left the hounds' barks unanswered.

Papa says that he knows that cat that's been hanging around the neighborhood. He thinks that it's that orange cat that lives two doors down from us, and he says that that thing is huge, so keep your distance tough girl!
Today, we went to Hampton Court with Michael and Janice, our friends that we met on Safari last year. They live in London, and know the palace really well because Michael's house is right in that part of town. The palace was giant, and beautiful! We got to see the great hall where Henry the VIII entertained people when he wasn't ordering their executions. They had beautiful gardens, and even a grape vine that has been bearing fruit since the 1700's. I can't even keep a houseplant alive for more than a month!

Later, we went by DOUBLE DECKER BUS, yep, they actually use those here, to Janice's sister's house for dinner. Lynette and Andrew were very nice people. They also are great cooks! We had grilled lamb and potatoes, couscous, salad with an elder flower dressing, and home made pomegranite, lemon, orange, and caramel ice creams for dessert. We had such a fun time with the four of them, and learned some really cool new British words, like, someone who is an idiot is a "pillick" (sp?). Meeting people from other countries can be entertaining AND educational! Anyway, it was just a delightful evening.

We'll check in tomorrow to make sure you're holding down the fort, but seems to me that the backyard has been annexed by a feline, and the hounds are closing in on the South Front. Channel your inner Winston Churchill Speck, you need to put together a plan with Uncle Steve and take back the yard!

Love, Mom and Dad


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