Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Aunt Kathy and Uncle Steve Came Home!!!

I was really wondering what the heck was going on! Aunt Jenna took fine care of me, but how could both you and Aunt Kathy and Uncle Steve leave at the same time. I was really confused when Uncle Steve came to the door on the Friday that you left. Aunt Jenna had parked her car in front of Aunt Kathy and Uncle Steve's gargage because of the big snow storm. Uncle Steve came back from Byerlys, and could not park his car. When he came to the door Aunt Jenna was really surprised, because she thought everyone had left. Aunt Kathy and Uncle Steve didn't leave until Saturday morning. Apparently, Uncle Steve was really torked until he figured out whose car it was. Then he thought it was pretty funny.

Plus, even though I will deny this if questioned, I am not getting any younger, and training humans is hard work. I not sure if Aunt Jenna understands that every time I go outside I am supposed to get a treat! It must be a guy thing. Uncle Steve caught on right away, but I really have to remind Aunt Kathy. Even then, she doesn't always get it.

When Aunt Kathy and Uncle Steve finally came back, I had to give them what for for leaving me. It wasn't hard, because Uncle Steve showed up smelling of cat! Then I heard all the stories about a cute baby. I even heard him say on the phone that I was the second cutest girl in his life now. I was pretty ticked, until I saw the pictures of the baby. OH MY GOD, IS SHE CUTE!!!! Plus, look how happy Aunt Kathy and Uncle Steve are in this picture:
Apparently Oma is German for Grandma and Phar-Phar is Swedish for Grandpa. Anyway, I forgave them after Uncle Steve gave me a half of box of treats (just kidding). I let Uncle Steve puts some more pictures of the baby on my blog.

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