Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Putting Uncle Steve Through His Paces!

Well, I can tell that Dad is having a good time! Is it Christmas time in Germany? Actually, Aunt Kathy and Uncle Steve think they have been to that same Christmas shop. They told me it was Christmas time year round in that store.

Your descriptions of the food is making me really hungry. Also, since Aunt Kathy and Uncle Steve grew up in Iowa, they are used to eating just about anything that comes from a pig. However, the special dessert at your hotel sounded the best.

It was another quiet day here. Aunt Kathy had dinner with somes friends. She told me it was her ya-ya group. She didn't leave with a funny hat on though. Uncle Steve worked until 6:00 tonight, so I had a late dinner. When he got back from buying his dinner, I put him through a few paces of doing tricks. He thinks I did the tricks, but who got the food? Here's a movie and picture of how cute I am (in case you were about to forget!)
When are you guys coming home. Uncle Steve has a meeting on Saturday from 8:30 to 3:30, and then Aunt Kathy and Uncle Steve are going to go watch a marching band competition on Saturday night. They want to make sure I get delivered back to you as soon as possible, because they know how much you miss me. (You do miss me don't you?)
Ich dich liebe,
Das Speckster


At 3:42 PM, Blogger Speck said...

Hi Speckster-

We're trying to send out an email with photos. We'll keep trying the internet is acting funny again.

Having fun in Vienna. Miss you and tell Uncle Steve thanks so much for the cool photo and Video! We were starting to forget how cute you were.....well maybe not!

Look for the email soon on US's email!

Love Mom and Dad


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