Friday, October 17, 2008

Aunt Kathy & Uncle Steve Have a Question!

I haven't done my duty outside today, and Uncle Steve and Aunt Kathy want to know if that has ever happened before. Uncle Steve is trying to stop me, but the leaves up here are awfully tasting. So I spend my time eating leaves, instead of taking care of business, as Uncle Steve puts in. They are wondering how long I can go between bowel movements before they should get worried?

I wonder if the people who invented the Internet knew that it would be used to answer questions like this?

Ich dich liebe, poopsy!

The Speckster


At 3:19 AM, Blogger Speck said...

Hey Speckster (Queen of the Lake)

First...We've had a bad string of internet accessibility. So, sorry for late reply.

Second...On your pooping. It's not unheard of to go a day without pooping. Probably the change in your schedule has a lot to do with it. Also...lay off the treats for a little while. We usually don't worry until it's diarrhea or puking. You're probably eating the leaves (or grass underneath?) to try to get you pooping or to settle your tummy to make you throw up. As long as you're perky and haven't pooped...No big deal!


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