Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Do I Have to Do Those Tricks Again?

Gee Mom, thanks for telling Uncle Steve that I can do the tricks better on carpet! Now he has me doing the same tricks over again tonight. I did do them much better. However, Uncle Steve got home late from a Mason's meeting, so I am up here at 10:15 p.m. doing tricks for a lousy little treat. OK, it is a really tasty treat, but it is still 10:15 at night. I should be in bed getting my beauty rest. The video is at the bottom of the blog.

Today was another fairly quite day. I really do miss having Aunt Kathy at home to entertain me. Uncle Steve came home and took me for a short walk over to the Ice Arena and back. The weather was cold and damp. It was sort of spitting rain for the whole walk, but we did stay dry. Aunt Kathy really saved me today, though. I was starting to run out of dog food, and Aunt Kathy went back to our house and got me a new supply. I could just see myself waisting away on milk bones and doggy treats until you got back. Since Aunt Kathy and Uncle Steve get home at different times, I have been trying to convince both of them that I need dinner, but they are too wise to my tricks. Darn!

Your trip continues to sound like something we all will remember for a lifetime. I can hardly wait to smell that stuff that Uncle Steve was telling me about. Have fun the rest of your trip.\


The Speckster


At 1:23 PM, Blogger Speck said...

Hi Speck,
Boy that video makes us miss you! It's so nice to see you in action. Hope you're not tormenting AK and US too much! Sorry about the food thing, good thing AK has the key to get into our house, or you were just going to have to start hunting for your meals.

Today we went to the Valley of the Kings, the Temple of Hatshepsut, and the Valley of the Queens. The Valley of the Kings is where they buried the Pharoahs in really neat, painted tombs full of all sorts of cool stuff. They hid the tombs deep in the cliffs of the desert to try to keep people from finding them and taking all the stuff from the tombs (kind of like when we give you a treat that you can't finish in one sitting and you hide it somewhere in the house for later). Hatshepsut's temple was pretty neat. It was built into the side of one of the mountains in the Valley of the Kings, which is kind of funny, because Hatshepsut was a girl! She was the first female Pharoah of ancient Egypt, and one tough chick! The desert is super hot and sunny and we were super tired when we got back to the hotel.

Tomorrow, we'll go in a caravan to a place called Deandara about an hour away. There's another temple there that is supposed to be neat. Our guide Hamdan recommended it as a morning trip before we leave tomorrow night.

Well, gotta go to sleep now, we get picked up at 7:30 tomorrow morning for the Caravan down to the Temple, then we pack our stuff and go to the airport, fly to Cairo, to Amsterdam and then home to you! Can't wait to see you! Tell AK that we got some good stuff for her students at the market yesterday, really cool noisy stuff!

See you soon,
Love, Mom and Dad


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