Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I Think I Had a Toy like that Rhinoceros

Uncle Steve showed me the pictures that you took. Didn't I used to have a toy that looked like that Rhinoceros? He looks like he would be fun to grab by the neck and throw around like I do the rest of my toys. Uncle Steve caught me ripping into my hedgehog.

You had better leave the Rhinoceros in Africa for its safety! The meerkat will be enough fun to play with.

This is so much fun having Aunt Kathy stay home with me. We went for another walk around the neighborhood today. The snow is starting to melt, so I got to splash in lots of puddles. My backyard track is now a swamp, so we go out the front door until dry land appears out the back door. Uncle Steve came home in time to feed me dinner before I starved to death while Aunt Kathy was at aerobics. It is still cold enough I need to get under the covers, but you trained Uncle Steve just right. I stick my cold nose in his ear, and he lifts up the covers.

Just in case you forgot, I had Uncle Steve take a picture to remind you how cute I am.


The Speckster


At 9:15 AM, Blogger Gogii said...

Hi, Speck,
It's Gogi. I think those animals especially the rhino, are really lucky that you aren't there to attack them. It sounds like your mom and dad are having a wonderful time but I'm sure they miss you terribly. Thanks to AK and US for taking such good care of you!

At 4:06 PM, Blogger Speck said...

Hi Speck,
Tell AK thanks for dealing with your short little dirt-collecting furry body in the melty weather. I bet you've been having a lot of tub time, so sad for all of you! Today, we were toodling around looking at a giant lion, a giraffe, some baboons and their babies, and then some warthogs when our ranger got a call that there were two male leopards walking their abutting territorial borders. That's kind of like you patrolling AK and US's fenceline from the evil hounds. One big difference, no fence. Otherwise basically the same, DANGER, fighting may soon follow! We watched them prowl and growl at each other for a while when our tracker got another call that there was something super neat going on about 15 minutes away. He didn't say what it was, but told us that it was even more rare than a Cheetah sighting. Our tracker, Phillemon, who sits behind us, couldn't keep us in suspense, because he knew that we were on our way to see something that Papa was really hoping to see. You may already know. What's the only thing that could make us a little less homesick for our little white dog? How about some little brown and orange WILD DOGS! You should have seen the rangers. They were all high-fiving each other as they passed on the road, and were still perma-grinnned about it at lunch 4 hours later. If they are so hard to spot why don't they just go into the bush and yell "do you want a treat?" or "how about a walk?" and they'd probably have more wild dogs than they ever dreamed of. But who am I to tell them how to do their jobs?

On the evening drive, we had officially seen "the big SEVEN", a list of the most sought after game viewing in the world! The ranger asked us if there was anything we'd like to see that we hadn't already seen, and Michael (a nice guy from London) said how about a Hoppopotamus? They said that they'd try, but that they are really rare, so probably not likely. We looked along the riverbend, and saw a huge group of Baboons, an elephant across the river, a giraffe further down the river, and you guessed it, a Hippo, all of them from one vantage point! We didn't get to see more than the hippos ears and eyes, as he was being "sneaky" just like you do when you're hiding in our front window when we come home sometimes. Only he was hiding under the water!

We finally left the Hippo, and the tracker asked "anything else you'd like to see?" Michael said, how about a crocodile? and within 5 minutes, one appeared on the bank of the river! We drove around for a couple more hours and stopped to have some drinks and snacks out in a field to watch the sunset (oh, Speck, fresh p-o-p--c-o-r-n) and headed back to camp for the night. On the way back, I asked our Ranger if it was likely that the Hippo had come out of the water now that it was dark out, and he said "not at all". About 10 minutes later we were speeeding along the path, when something huge darted out across the path. Our ranger slammed on the brakes and we all gasped and held on as we saw it. A hippopotamus had just ran straight across our path into the reeds on the other side.

What a crazy day! We'll send pictures to Uncle Steve tomorrow, because it is now 1:00 in the morning, and we have to get up in 4 1/2 hours. Double Ack! With all of these fuzzies all around, it's hard to not have you here to pet!
Hope you keep AK and US entertained, and be sure to thank them again for taking care of you while we're away.

Love, Mom and Dad


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