Sunday, December 09, 2007

Another Cold, Quiet Day in Minnesota

Is It

Nap Time


It is another cold, quiet day in Minnesota. I am ready for another nap. Whoever came up with the phrase, "They are living a dog's life!!!" did not take into consideration having to go to the bathroom outside. Uncle Steve stands there in boots that were meant to keep his feet warm in 30 below zero weather, while I out there dancing around trying to keep from freezing to the ground. Mom, can we consider a 3 month trip to some place warm when you get back? There must be weddings in warm climates, aren't there?

I helped both Aunt Kathy and Uncle Steve read the paper today. They read, and I kept their lap warm. Tough duty, but somebody's got to do it.

Aunt Kathy and Uncle Steve have something to go to at the Guthrie Theater on Monday night, so they are going to take me home after Uncle Steve gets back from the dentist. He is having a crown put on.

See you tomorrow,


The Speckster


At 9:54 PM, Blogger Speck said...

Sounds like you need to learn how to keep your booties on! Maybe some day you'll get smart and decide to deal with them.

Today Momma rocked out on the Cake Challenge show and got second place by one point! We're just glad she got her cake to the table in one piece. The silver medal was a bonus! No more late nights for awhile, that means more cuddles, so save some for when we get back. Sounds like AK and US may be using up all of your cuddle time, but that's impossible, because you have an endless supply.

Tell AK and US thanks again for letting you watch them and let them know to have fun at the theater tomorrow. We'll see you soon.

Love Mom and Dad


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