Thursday, May 03, 2007

Where Did Everybody Go?

The Pig Is Mine!!!

Well, I got lots of rest today. It was Uncle Steve's day to work late and Aunt Kathy went out to dinner, so I saw them just long enough for me to get outside, and then it was time for another nap. Uncle Steve went downtown after work to sign up for the Twin Cities Marathon, so he got home really late. We had to play with the pig to make up for him being gone so long. Now it's bedtime. We may have to have some late night excursions to make up for my being alone so long.

Your trip sounds spectacular, but why are you going to a place with an active volcano? Uncle Steve was trying to tell me that is was the volcano that buried the people, but I told him you would not go to such a place because that would be too dangerous. Right? Hope everything works out with the passports.


The Speckster


At 2:32 PM, Blogger Speck said...

Hi Speck,
Sorry to hear you had to beat up a pig today.

Maybe U.S. can give Papa some pointers for training for the Marathon. He is thinking about running the Twin Cities Marathon this fall too. You and Mama are too smart for such things. We'll just go down to the finish line and eat cookies and take pictures of those two boys finishing the race. Maybe A.K. can bring a lovely beverage for the three of us. We can make a picnic of it!

We did get our passports today, so we're back on track for coming home Monday afternoon. We are sad to be leaving Italy, but so excited to see you!

Pompeii was super neat! It is much bigger than we thought it would be, and it is really well preserved. There are mosaic tile floors and frescoed walls in the houses. You can even see ancient snack bars where people got food "to go". Everything there is super old. They had an earthquake in 62 A.D. that severely damaged the city. They were in the process of rebuilding, and seemed pretty close to done, when Kabloom! Mount Vesuvius erupted. Bad news for Pompeii, good news for archeologists. Most everything we know about daily Roman life was learned from the excavations at Pompeii. That's all pretty neat, but let's get down to what really matters. There are lots and lots of doggies that live in the ruins at Pompeii. They are laying around sunning themselves and don't even pay for tickets to get in. They even get to go in the places that are gated off from tourists. Maybe that's where they keep their biscuits (in clay pots of course).

Tomorrow we are planning to hang out in Sorrento and do some shopping and stuff. We'll check in with you and get our flight info to you soon. Be sure to thank A.K. and U.S. for taking such good care of you while we're gone.

Love, Mom and Dad


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