Sunday, April 29, 2007

Quiet Sunday in Minnesota

I do too write my own blog!

I was a quite day here today. Uncle Steve and I took a nap this afternoon in my Lazy Boy. He need a rest after being gone so long yesterday. It got pretty warm here today, with a high in the 80's. Aunt Kathy and Uncle Steve had a bunch of errands to run today, so I got to take a warm-up nap before I had my serious nap with Uncle Steve. Tomorrow Aunt Kathy and Uncle Steve are going back to work, so I will have to guard the house on my own.

There was one piece of excitement today. When I stood up in my Lazy Boy I could see the basset hounds in their backyard. I tried to talk to them, and tell them what I thought of them, but they were playing with their mom and were completely oblivious to me. I know they could here me because Uncle Steve had to come upstairs to tell that the whole neighborhood did not need to here me talking to the basset hounds. Both he and Aunt Kathy keep saying this word that sounds like "Oh", but with an "N" sound in front of it. Do you know what they are trying to tell me?


The Speckster


At 3:58 PM, Blogger Speck said...

Hi Speckster-

Sorry we missed a day, sounds like Saturday was a fun day. You're already pretty good at warm-up naps, but a little practice never hurts. Tell U.S. and A.K. that you eventually forget what you were barking at if the shades are closed. They've probably already tried this, but just in case.

We rented a car and drove to our new hotel. It's in a tiny village. Our puny car (ford fusion) barely fit down the street. We'll show you all the fun pictures later. Today we saw a Westie in Siena. He needed a haircut really bad. His hair hung down over his eyes. Mom said that dogs can see through that. I said Bull-.... Be grateful that we need to get you trimmed to look nice for A.K. and U.S. Makes it so you can see too!

Our new hotel is super neat. We just got our internet connection working however. We met a new friend named Osmane. He runs the hotel and draws us maps of places we need to drive to. It's confusing around here! Today when we got back from Siena he laughed at us for going there (it was a zoo) tomorrow he's going to draw us a map of fun places to go.

Better get to bed. Say hi and Thanks to A.K. and U.S.

Mom and Dad.

P.S. Ask U.S. and A.K. what kind of cheese and pasta they like. Now that you know how to use the computer, you can let us know. Watch those swear words!


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