Friday, March 02, 2007


We got so much snow both Aunt Kathy and Uncle Steve are home today. Granted Uncle Steve spent most of the morning shoveling snow, but I helped Aunt Kathy read the newspaper. We went to the window and waved to him. Once he wasn't looking we were laughing and joking that we were so glad that he was out there and not us. I will give him some special lap time this afternoon, because I know we will be taking a nap before dinner.

As you can see by the pictures below, we got a lot of snow. We got about 8 inches on Thursday during the day, and another 8-12 inches over night. The bunnies are on there own, because I can't get out of the path Uncle Steve shoveled for me. In fact, we went for a walk through our own snow tunnel today, otherwise known as the front sidewalk.

I hear Basset Hounds!

Where Are They?

Damn This Snow! I Can't Get at Them!!!!
(OK, maybe I do know some of those words that Uncle Steve was using!)
Keep having fun in Hawaii. You may want to give serious consideration to staying there! Aunt Kathy and Uncle Steve will take care of me.
The Speckster


At 12:10 PM, Blogger speckster said...

Hi Speck,
We can't believe how much snow you got! I bet you've been a big help with shoveling! You're good at biting the shovel and helping pull it. Don't worry about the bunnies, the snow will be melted soon and you'll be able to resume your wiley coyote like hunt of them.

Tell Aunt Kathy and Uncle Steve that the weather here is nice and yesterday we went kayaking to the Captain Cook monument. It marks the spot where he was killed and eaten by the Hawaiian natives. The best part about it was when we got there we got to snorkel and when we kayaked, there were spinner dolphins around the kayak. They just jump up in the air and spin. Kinda like you when Aunt Kathy and Uncle Steve come home after a long day and you're happy to see them.

Today the couple we are with is leaving, so we'll be here for the next couple of nights with just us.

We'll talk to you soon. Give lots of licks and cuddles to A.K. and U.S.

Love Mom and Dad.


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