Saturday, February 24, 2007

Relaxing Day at the Ranch!

Did I mention how much I like Aunt Kathy's and Uncle Steve's front window. I can see so much more through the big picture window, and as you can see they set up the pillows so I have a very comfortable place to sit. In fact, I was having a very nice nap when I heard Uncle Steve trying to sneak up on me and take a picture. I did not appreciate being roused from my nap. Uncle Steve explained that it was so you could see me while you are on vacation too. I let him live!

Uncle Steve and I have just been sitting around the house taking naps and watching Aunt Kathy work. Uncle Steve did go out and shovel snow. It has been snowing off and on since late Friday night. We probably have around 4 inches, but we are supposed to get more tonight and Sunday. We will let you know how much we finally get.

The dolphins and whales sound pretty cool, but I bet they are not as cool as I am. You should have seen me running in the snow in the back yard. I was so fast Uncle Steve could hardly see me.

Hope you enjoy your sight seeing trip. I take good care of Aunt Kathy and Uncle Steve.


The Speckser


At 12:37 AM, Blogger speckster said...

Hi Speck,

Sounds pretty mellow over there. Uncle Steve and Aunt Kathy are what we call "Da Kine" people for taking such good care of you. We hope you don't get too much more snow. It would probably be best if it melted before we got back. You can get Uncle Steve right on that.
Our trip up around the top of the island today was really neat! We saw wild donkeys and cows grazing on cliffs. We went to a tiny village up on a very scary mountain road to buy coconut candy for your friend Erin who comes over sometimes. We also bought the "world's best banana bread" at a little stand up there. We decided that it is the world's best banana bread when you eat it up in the mountains in Maui. Back at the condo, it was just good banana bread. We bought you a present in Lahaina, but you'll have to wait to see what it is.
Be sure to watch the house for them while they are out tonight.

Love, Mom and Dad

PS Can you ask Uncle Steve if he would mind checking our mailbox to see if it is overflowing yet? You know it's your job to stop the mail when you're on vacation at their house. Such a forgetful dog.

Sorry guys.


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