Thursday, February 22, 2007

Why Did Everybody Leave Me?


OK, not really. You all know me better than that. I was just trying to act cute to get a treat. Uncle Steve looked sort of silly holding the treat in one hand and the camera in the other, but I was getting food so what do I care!

Now, about being alone most of the day. Aunt Kathy and Uncle Steve leave the house at an ungodly hour and do not get home until late in the afternoon. Then they went to some dinner tonight to celebrate the birthday of some guy named George Washington. Isn't he dead? Why are you celebrating a dead guy's birthday and what is a Mason? All I know is that I was alone a lot today and I am not happy. I may need a lot of attention in the middle of the night to make up for this. I hope Aunt Kathy and Uncle Steve weren't planning on a lot a sleep tonight. I got mine during the day, so tonight is PLAYTIME!!!!

Hope you two are having a good time in Hawaii. I am expecting lots of treats on your return.


The Speckster!


At 1:11 AM, Blogger speckster said...

Aloha Speck. After a long travel day, we finally made it here. The weather is nice, not too hot. We had warm chocolate chip cookies on the flight, pretty cool huh? They didn't have peanut butter, so you didn't miss much (remember you can't have chocolate). Take it easy on Aunt Kathy and Uncle Steve tomorrow, those Masons party pretty hard on G.W.'s birthday. It's about 3:00 in the morning your time, so we're going to go sleepy now.

Talk to you soon.

Love, Mom and Dad

At 8:28 AM, Blogger Rudie&Erie said...

Little Miss Specky will be very sad soon when it snows much taller than she is! It's the big one baby, and we don't mean the Big Kahuna! Mom and Dad should be happy they are tucked away safe and warm in the Aloha State! Think of little Speck, Ruthie and myself buried in 16 inches of snow, and toast us with a virgin Pina Colada!
Rudie and Erie


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