Thursday, July 13, 2006

Day 1: All Quiet on the Northern Heat Front

As you can see, we are taking it easy in this heat. Uncle Steve works on his computer (a lot, by the way) and I can either sit at his feet, as shown above, or rest in my Lazy Boy in the next room. It is a little cooler in there. Uncle Steve was under the mistaken opinion that it was his Lazy Boy. I had to set him straight, if ever so politely.

You should take more vacations in the summer when Aunt Kathy is home most of the day. She takes great care of me! We went for just a little walk and she really babies me. I would just limp a little on my bad wheel, and she would really fuss over me. (I will probably milk this for all its worth!)

It is so hot I have not seen either of my arch enemies on either side of the house. They are laying sod to the south, so I think the basset hounds will be tied up with that. It is also so hot that no one is staying outside for very long.

Have fun at your resort. You know that I am having fun at mine!!!




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