Sunday, April 09, 2006

Teaching Aunt Kathy


At 4:11 PM, Blogger speckster said...

Hi Speck

We just spent about 25 minutes writing you and when we tried to post it, it messed up. So here's the short version.

Today we took a train from Florence to Venice (saw a mini speck dog, not as cute as you). Venice is cool, reminds us of a Hollywood Set. No cars, motorcycles, everything is sort of smaller and compacted. We walked around after we got to our hotel and saw a guy make a horse out of glass in about 2 minutes at a glass gallery. Tomorrow we're going to a glass factory in Murano which is famous for its glass. Mom wants a new light fixture for our dining room. I tried to explain to her that you loved the one we have, but she's insisting on looking. Things might be a little tight around the house if we decide to buy this, we'll all have to give some things up like treats and cheesy snacks. But I think we can pull through it, don't you?

Tell Uncle Steve not to get you in too good of shape or we'll never be able to keep up with you two when you run the Marathon together. Keep teaching Aunt Kathy, she's a quick learner and we know how patient a teacher you are.

Sorry we missed you yesterday, our internet ran out at the last hotel.

Love, mom and dad.


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