Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Easter Eggs on the Trees!!!

It was a long day today. Uncle Steve worked until 5:30 and Aunt Kathy until 6:00! They were really nice to me when the finally got home, so I didn't punish them too much. After dinner they took me for a walk around Lake Harriet. I couldn't believe that there were eggs hanging from the trees. I wanted to eat one, but they wouldn't let me. A picture is attached so you can see how cute the trees are (even if my cuteness sort of makes their cuteness pale in comparison.)

By the time we got home I was ready for a nap, so I'll make this quick. I did have to do a little re-training of Uncle Steve last night. When he gets up in the night to go to that other small room he is supposed to rub my tummy when he gets back. I rolled over and made it perfectly clear what he was supposed to do. He gave it sort of a half-hearted effort, so I put my nose under his hand and practically showed him what to do. He is a quick learner though. I am sure tonight he will do it just right!

Have fun!!!


The Speckster!!!


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