Saturday, April 30, 2005

Le Cinquieme Jour - More Exploring in the Backyard

Bonjour Mon Mere et Pere:

Things are sort of settling into a routine here. I get a walk each day, play time with the ball, and a heavy dose of nap time in the lazy boy. I am glad Uncle Steve reads so much. Highway 100 has been closed all weekend, so Uncle Steve and I went exploring to see what was going on. They have a big tent over the pedestrian bridge down by our house. We couldn't see what they were doing, but last night the kept us up with a constant pounding with gigantic sledge hammers.

Did I mention how neat their backyard is to explore. My nose may need a major rest when you get back. I have been sniffing every each of their backyard. Their air conditiioner is particularly interesting. I'm not sure why. There are also all kinds of nooks and crannies that I can explore. I was not too happy when I found a thorn bush, but Uncle Steve made sure I was OK.

Have fun, but take care of your feet!!!

Je vous aime,

La Speckster


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