Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Le Deuxieme Jour - The Monkey Gets It!


At 10:39 AM, Blogger speckster said...

hi speck. the keyboards in france are different than at home so it takes us a long frustrating effort to write, therefore no more caps! today, we saw lots of artwork at the musee d'orsay including works from van gogh, monet, rodin, degas, renoir, whistler (he painted his momma) and some artist we never heard of named anonymous. mommy slept in like a baddy while papa went to the oldest church in paris by the hotel for hi morning prayer and meditation. then we both stopped by later to look at it again. if you want to find it online, it is called st. germain de pres. stick to the stuffed animals and stay away from toes! say hi to aunt kathy and uncle steve and thank them again for us. talk to you soon. love mom and dad.

At 4:09 PM, Blogger GirlErin said...

Sorry Speck, Aunt Kathy, and Uncle Steve, but Miss Robin (momma) told me this was the only way to communicate with her, so I have to take care of a bit of business.
Robin--You have Nicole Lehmeyer's contract labeled 15", 11", 7" (it is a mad hatter). I got in trouble using these prewritten measurements before (think fat Irish girl), so I wanted to check with you. Her final count is 156. Thank you Robin momma!

Miss Specky, Good to see you're in such good hands. I love seeing your pictures!


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