Monday, March 07, 2005

Day 6 - Speck Blogging


At 5:04 PM, Blogger speckster said...

Hi speck-

We just saw the lady at the hotel where we were supposed to stay. We checked out and she said she was worried about us because we hadn't been there for two days!

Today we saw Tulum which is an ancient Mayan city. It was fun. On the way out, we saw a dog eating lunch from a garbage can and licking his chops. I think it probably tasted better than your food. He also probably wishes he was white like you because he was black and it's real hot down here.

Tell Aunt Kathy and Uncle Steve to keep you if they don't mind on Thursday, because we probably won't be back until around 7:00.

We'll check in again tomorrow. Tell Steve thanks for the blogging lessons and ask him if He and Aunt Kathy would like to go to Shelly's on Saturday night for that yummy sausage dinner. Maybe we'll bring you back some!

Love, Mom and Dad


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