Monday, March 07, 2005

Day 6 - Speck Blogging

Mom, I glad to hear that you found a place you like to stay. The second hotel sounded kind of gross. I know that Dad can do special stuff with a phone and a credit card.

Today was kind of a slow day. Uncle Steve works until 5:30 and Aunt Kathy went to Jazzercise after she got home from school. I gave her a whole series of pathetic and angry looks to try to get her to stay, but she seems to be pretty disciplined about working out. Also Uncle Steve and Aunt Kathy didn't talk to each other about who was supposed to feed me at night, so I didn't eat until 6:15. I was really counting on both of them feeding me.

I posted a picture of me blogging. Uncle Steve has really taught me a lot about the computer.

See you in a few days. What time are you getting back on Thursday? Uncle Steve said he could take me home when he goes to work on Thursday so I would be there when you get home if you are getting back during the day. If you are coming back after 4:00, then they will keep me at their house so they can play with me and feed me before you get home.


The Speckster


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