Thursday, April 06, 2006

Aunt Kathy Turns 55!!!!

You would not believe the ballon that Aunt Kathy brought home from school today! The thing is 15" wide, has some really obnoxious characters on it, and it sings "Happy Birthday". Uncle Steve had it sent to Aunt Kathy's school. Aunt Kathy said she thought it was funny the fist few times she heard it, but apparently every teacher in the building had to come in to her room and make it play. Each time the ballon sang happy birthday, her kids got up and started dancing around. Aunt Kathy said her student teacher was starting to get really ticked at Uncle Steve. There were flowers that went with the ballon. The flowers stayed at school, but the student teacher said, "The balloon has to go home or I won't be here tomorrow!!!"

Today's picture is me in my upstairs chair. I can check out the back yard from this chair, so Uncle Steve and Aunt Kathy know that the house is well protected during the day.

Glad to hear you are having a good time in Florence. It sounds really neat!!!


The Speckster


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