Sunday, April 09, 2006

Sunny Day in Minnesota

We had great weather this weekend. Aunt Kathy took me for a walk around Lake Harriet today. She has the right idea. We drive to the lake, walk around the lake, and then drive home. I don't care how much gas costs, walking to Lake Harriet is just too far! It is fun to walk around the lake and have everybody tell me how cute I am. I try to be modest, but I am just too cute.

Uncle Steve is spending most of the weekend doing homework. It is not too bad because he reads a lot in my lazyboy, and it is hard to tell if the lazyboy is more comfortable with Uncle Steve in it or without Uncle Steve in it. I can see more out the window with him in it.

Glad to hear you are having a great time. I am not sure what a light fixture for the dining room is. Is it something I can eat? Have you checked out doggie treats in Italy? If there is something you think I might like, then I would be happy to dance around and show you how much I will like it. Or maybe a fancy Italien leather doggy coat! I bet I would look good in leather!!!

Have fun.

The Speckster


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