Friday, July 14, 2006

Day 2: Both Aunt Kathy and Uncle Steve were home!

These vacations in the summer are great! Today both Aunt Kathy and Uncle Steve were home all day. They kept me so busy I hardly had time for naps. As you can see, I helped her read the morning newspaper. Later in the day, we watched Oprah together. Uncle Steve and I spent some time in my Lazy Boy, but it got hot pretty quick upstairs. Aunt Kathy had her new car undercoated, so I got to take two rides in the car. I heard Uncle Steve ask which car I was going to ride in and Aunt Kathy said something about "Well, she not riding in the new car!" I don't think I liked that, but Uncle Steve's car is better to ride in anyway. He eats a lot in there and you wouldn't believe the tidbits that I can dig out from under the seat!

For two old people, they sure get out a lot. They left for both lunch and dinner. That was OK, I needed time for a nap anyway. Aunt Kathy took me for another quick walk around the neighborhood. My leg is fine until I go charging after something and then it hurts again. Aunt Kathy would hold me and make sure I kept my weight off my bad leg and then it would feel good in a little bit.

Uncle Steve and I are getting ready to watch the season premieres on the Sci-Fi channel tonight. It will give me a chance to rest up before I have to go to bed.


The Speckster


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