Friday, February 23, 2007

Be Careful What You Wish For!!!

I think I hear two Golden Retrievers! They had better be careful because I'm the one that needs some sleep tonight! I did have Uncle Steve take me outside at 3:00 am last night. He was awfully hard to wake up (I did not even try to wake up Aunt Kathy. Momma didn't raise no stupid dog here!). I found that if I gag a little bit Uncle Steve shoots out the bed like a rocket. He sounds all panicky, saying "Come on Speck! Let's get outside now!" Humans are so much fun to control.

Uncle Steve got home at 3:00 today and right away he asked me if I wanted to go for a walk. I got all excited. We got into the car and started driving somewhere. I saw Lake Calhoun and I got even more excited. Then we got out of the car and the wind damn neared blew my tail off! Uncle Steve seemed all hell bent on taking a walk so off we went. I just put my tail down for fear it would act as a sail and we would both end up in Canada. When we got to the south end of the lake it wasn't too bad after that, but the first 15 minutes was your typical Uncle Steve walk, SHEAR HELL! I will try to get Aunt Kathy to take me on walks the rest of my vacation.

It is supposed to snow here any minute now. Aunt Kathy and Uncle Steve decided not to go out to eat before the concert on Saturday and play on Sunday, so will have more time to play with them. You two have fun. We will post pictures of me playing in the snow!


The Speckster


At 12:02 AM, Blogger speckster said...

Hi Speck,

So the old "gag at 'em" trick. Aah, you have learned well young Grasshopper. You should probably save that one for extreme situations so as to not give Uncle Steve a facial tick or heart condidtion by the time we get back. Did you get the snow everyone is talking about? Hope it's not too much to keep you from getting Uncle Steve out to the lake. He might get cagey that one! Tell Aunt Kathy and Uncle Steve thank you for taking such good care of you.

We went to the beach today and saw a couple of schools of what we think were dolphins putting on quite a show off shore. They were jumping clear out of the water for a long time. Not quite as exciting as hounds and golden retrievers, but you would have barked at them anyway. Later, the humpbacks took their turn, breaching and blowing so much that Mama thinks that the Maui tourist department puts Porpoise-nip in the water.

Tomorrow we hope to drive up a long windy road to a place called Hana. Apparently, there isn't anything exciting once you get there, but remember, it's not the destination but the journey that counts. We'll see how philosophical Mama is when she's leaning out the car window feeling woozy from all the curves. We'll keep you posted.

Love, Mom and Dad


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