Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Uncle Steve is so Silly!!!

He actually thinks this is his chair!!!
Aunt Kathy already told me that the chair really belongs to the dog that they used to have. So since it used to belong to a dog, it just seems right that it should belong to me. However, I am not selfish (much). I let Uncle Steve provide additional cushioning when he sits in it and then I sit in his lap. Without Uncle Steve the chair will not rub my tummy or scratch my ears, so it pays to let him use part of my chair. I also help Aunt Kathy read the paper and her books in the couch in the living room, but it is not as comfy as the Lazy Boy upstairs (The chair, not Uncle Steve!)
It was another quiet day here. It was too windy to go for a walk, even the snow is not arriving until late tonight. Uncle Steve said I did not look to happy when he gave me belly bath after our last walk, so we stayed inside. We did give the stuffed animals a beating, just to save the house. Uncle Steve has more conferences tonight, but Aunt Kathy will be home.
Your trip just sounds better and better with each of your notes. Keep having a good time.
The Speckster


At 1:48 AM, Blogger speckster said...

Hi Speck,
You look so pretty in your latest blog pic. Looks like you're having fun at your vacation home as usual. We hope you don't get any more snow before we get home, but that is wishful thinking isn't it?
Today we went to a petroglyph field in kohala area of the Big Island. It was pretty cool. There was a big lava rock field with ancient carvings into the rocks. Then we snorkeled at the beach near our condo. They call it A-Bay because it is too many syllables and way too many vowels to pronounce. We saw fish and coral and sea anemonies in the coral, but the big excitement was when Papa saw a giant sea turtle swimming and grabbed Mama to come see. Wow, those are big turtles. They're so beautiful in the water, but a little scary if you get too close!
We spent a lot of time looking for a turtle before we found that one, and as soon as we saw it, we looked back to Sherrie and Paul on the beach and they were laughing at us because while we were looking for one in the water, another sea turtle had made itself at home on the sand about five feet from Papa's beach chair.
We took pictures of him (we call him Sparky) but don't worry, we aren't planning to bring him home. No reptilian siblings for the Speckster.

Later, we drove to a pretty outlook and then hiked down a muddy path to a black sand beach. It was pretty, but in a kind of wierd way.

Tomorrow we are hoping to go to Volcano National Park to see the Kiluea volcano and lava flows.

Hope you are being good to your Aunt and Uncle and be sure to give them extra love for taking care of you in such icky weather conditions.

Love, Mom and Dad


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