Sunday, February 25, 2007

Lots of Snow!!!

Boy, did it snow last night. We got around a foot of snow. Uncle Steve tried to keep up by shoveling a couple of times yesterday, but it did not do any good. Most of the snow fell over night. Then the snow plow went down the street and threw big chunks of snow up on the side walk. Uncle Steve looked awfully tired when he came back inside from shoveling. He still took me out in the backyard to play. I could smell bunnies, so I had to start digging. They are down there somewhere! I hope they try to come out when I am in the back yard. I hear they taste a lot like chicken. (You know how much I like chicken!)
Your vacation could be really expensive for Uncle Steve. Aunt Kathy really wants to go to Hawaii, and the description of your adventures could push the two of them to finally take the trip. It sounds like you are having a lot of fun.
Have fun,
The Speckster


At 12:02 AM, Blogger speckster said...

Holy Cow! That's lots of snow, usually those weather people are wrong, not this time. Today we were a little spent from the previous day's activities, so we just went to park and saw a neat spot where King Kamehameha had a battle with the Maui King at the time. Anyway, it was up in this cool valley with a river that runs down the middle and they lived around the river and built irrigation systems to water their crops (Taro Mostly) on terraces. The Hawaiian name of the river means "Dammed up River" because after the battle, there were so many dead bodies they clogged up the river (yucky).

Dad also entered a putting contest at the resort and ended up dead last out of 11 people (all of which were about 30-50 years older than him. I won a box of macadamia nut chocolates (which I gave to another guy).

Well, we're watching the Oscars. Say Hi to Aunt Kathy and Uncle Steve for us. We'll have to show them pictures when we get back and tell them where they should go when they come. Maybe you can go with them to take care of them while they're there (you'd have to chase wild chickens instead of bunnies).

Love Mom and Dad.


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