Friday, April 27, 2007

Fridays Are Fun (if tiring!)

Guess Who Went On Another Uncle Steve Walk?

This walk wasn't quite like the last one. We just went around Wolfe Park and back. However, both times that Aunt Kathy and Uncle Steve came home today I was asleep on the couch. It is not just the walks that are tiring me out. The weather is so nice that everyone has opened up their windows, so I can hear the basset hounds. I keep trying to tell them who the boss is, but they will not listen. So I have to keep telling them. All that barking is wearing me out!

Your trip sounds like a lot of fun Uncle Steve showed Aunt Kathy your blog comment on his new toy. She did not say anything, but I don't think she was that impressed with his toy. She liked your comments though. She also asked Uncle Steve why he was swearing on the blog. Uncle Steve explained that it was me swearing, and not him. I tried to back Uncle Steve up, but I don't think Aunt Kathy believes that I am writing this blog.

Just to let you know I am OK, here is another picture of me write after Uncle Steve took the last one:

Why Did You Wake Me Up?


The Speckster


At 3:52 PM, Blogger Speck said...

Hi Speck,
Sounds like you need to chill out on the Bassett hound hunting or you may drive A.K. and U.S. to feed you to the hounds.

Speaking of eating Speck, we had Duck Speck tonight as part of our appetizer. It kind of like prosciutto made out of duck instead of pig. Pretty good! You'd like it for sure.

Today we also saw Savonarola's Cell (where he lived). He was the guy who instigated the bonfire of the vanities and then got burned at the stake a year later on the same spot.

We also saw some other cool stuff like relics at a church..basically really fancy holders for pieces of saints' bones. Yucky! and neato! bet you'd like to get at those bones!!! Well aged.

Better get to sleep, we have to rent our car tomorrow and head to our new spot further south. We'll touch base soon.

Love, Mom and Dad.

P.S. We met two Italian Westies. Phoebe and Benny the were super cute! (but still not as cute as you!) especially when U.S. takes the picture!


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