Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Sunny Day in Minnesota

I Thought I Saw A Golden Retriever!

The weather here today was absolutely gorgeous. Sunny, low 70's, slight breeze. Unfortunately, Uncle Steve got home late tonight, so we just went for a short ride in his car to take some movies back and get something at the Starbuck's Drive Through. The lady at the window said I was really cute. The whip cream on Uncle Steve's drink looked really good, but him kept his hand on it the whole way home. I tried to tell him to put both hands on the steering wheel, but he said that his mother didn't raise no fool. I guess she didn't.

As you can tell from the picture, Aunt Kathy's and Uncle Steve guest room is a great place to check out the back yard. Tonight I could see both the golden retrievers and the basset hounds. Uncle Steve started to put the shade down, but I gave him a look that let him know that would not be a good idea. So he got in the Lazy Boy with me, but he said he would not bark at them with me. So I barked twice as much to make up for his lack of effort. I love spring!!!


The Speckster


At 3:17 PM, Blogger Speck said...

Hi Speck-

Today we saw lots of vineyards as we drove through the Chianti region. It's pretty cool. Our weather sounds about like yours, rainy then sunny. We also have a back window to look out. We can hear a dog bark that sounds a lot like you, and we can hear a lady yelling "Pucci, Pucci" I don't think Pooch translates, so I'm guessing the dog has an Italian name.

Last night we had the chef at the restaurant here make us whatever he wanted for dinner (except Rabbit or Alcohol) and we had a fabulous 6 course meal. I think between what we're eating and all the treats you're suckering U.S. and A.K. into giving you, the whole family's going to need to go on a diet when we get back.

Tomorrow we leave early to catch a train to Sorrento. We'll be in touch soon.

Tell U.S. that he must be pretty good at covering his cream in the car. Sounds like he deserves an award. I've never been able to keep you away from anything and drive!

Keep an eye on U.S. and A.K.

Mom and Dad.


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