Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I Have Uncle Steve Trained!!!

No Wonder Everyone Says I Look So Cute When We Go on a Walk!!!

I finally have Uncle Steve trained to take me on a decent length of a walk. We just go over to Wolfe Park and walk around the little pond and back again. It is not too far, but there are still enough people to notice how cute I am. The picture above is Exhibit A. Gas is getting close to $3.00 a gallon, so Uncle Steve is reluctant to drive over to Lake Harriet and I have convinced him I a too old to walk that far. Also, Uncle Steve is getting home later on the days that he is supposed to get home early, so there is less time for a walk. It is supposed to rain the weekend, so I think I am safe. If necessary, some of the stuffed animals can die to give me my needed exercise. (You are right about all the treats I am getting out of Uncle Steve.)

Your trip justs sounds better and better. Aunt Kathy and Uncle Steve told me how much fun it is to ride the train in Europe. They said the service is just something you do not see in the U.S. (Although I am getting great service out of my U.S. I even have him trained to lift me onto the bed.)


The Speckster


At 3:37 PM, Blogger Speck said...

Hi Speck,
Glad to hear you are whipping U.S. into shape. I hope you are learning where they keep the mail, and how much to water their plants, because you are going to have to house sit for them this Christmas(dog party at A.K. and U.S.'s!)

Today we took a train to Rome, and another train to Naples, and another train(mom thinks it was more of a subway) to Sorrento. It was kind up yucky on that last "train" but there was a girl with a picolo coniglio in a box. That's a little bunny to you and me! She was taking it home from the pet store. Remember when we brought you home and you chewed on mama's fingers and climbed all over her and tried to eat her hair? Well, it was nothing like that(that rabbit is going to be a boring pet).

We also had some excitement when we realized that we left our Passports in the safe in our hotel in that tiny village in Tuscany. Ruh, roh! We called them from the Rome train station and our new friend Osmane spent the rest of the day driving around Tuscany looking for a place that could get a package delivered to Sorrento overnight. We think that the whole "absolutely, positively has to be ther overnight" thing is lost on the Italians. It is nice when you are here on vacation, but not so nice when you may be stuck in the country because nothing is open on Saturday or Sunday (or for 3 hours in the middle of every week day). Hopefully, our passports will get here tomorrow, or we may be staying here longer than we thought!

On a more exciting note...we met another Westie today in Sorrento. This one was walking with another little dog and its owner, an older lady. I think the westie's name is Terribile because when we told her that we had a dog like that, she said Questo e "terribile" and pointed at the westie. I think you'd like Terribile, he reminded us of you. We miss you.

Well, we are going to go to bed now. We are going to Pompeii tomorrow. There ar a bunch of ruins from a Volcano eruption a long time ago there. By the way, Mt. Etna, the volcano in Sicily is erupting right now. That would be neat to see!

Be good for the super-sitters.

Love, Mom and Dad


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