Monday, October 22, 2007

Uncle Steve Takes Mercy on Me!!!

Uncle Steve took me for a walk tonight, and we only went out for an hour, instead of his usual hour and a half. I am dictating this to Uncle Steve while I rest on the couch. It was a beautiful night and lots of people told me how cute I am (what's new). When I got home you can see that I helped clean up the dishes. They didn't even have to ask me to help.

It was a pretty quiet day here. Aunt Kathy and Uncle Steve both got home at the same time. Aunt Kathy took me out the front and Uncle Steve came in the back. I couldn't get any peace outside. The golden retrievers had the audacity to bark at me when I was in the front yard. Aunt Kathy took me around to the other side of the house and the basset hounds started barking at me on the other side. Needless to say, I let them know who the boss is.

Did the cake make it OK? Also, Uncle Steve said he heard that the stage hands on Broadway may be going on strike. Hope everything is going ok.


The Speckster


At 8:31 PM, Blogger Speck said...

Hi Speckster,
It's good to see you pulling your weight around there with the kitchen chores. I'll bet those dishes never shined quite so bright before, a little dog spit will do the trick every time. Well, the cake made it here just fine. The bottom three tiers rode in the overhead compartment and the top tier (which was too tall to fit up there) rode in the seat between us (strapped in with the seatbelt of course). The closest it came to harm was the taxi ride, but it made it through just fine. We forgot how much people yell at each other on the street around here. Our cab driver seemed mad at a lot of people, then he yelled some things that we shouldn't repeat. We got to see about fifteen other cakes when we got to the photo shoot, there were some really neat ones there! Then we went back to the hotel and walked around Times Square. Oh yeah, we went to Madame Toussaud's wax museum. It was "sweet" (Papa) "wierd" (Mama). We went to our favorite chinese restaurant for dinner where they carve really neat vegetable birds to garnish the plates. Ours was a carrot bird on a jicama branch with other vegetable roses climbing up the stem. It was neat, but we were hoping to get a vegetable frog like one of the other tables we saw (maybe next time).

Tomorrow we have tickets to a show (hopefully the strike won't affect it) today, the taxi cabs were on an unusual strike. Rather than not running, they decided instead to fiscally screw anyone who chose to ride. We took the subway 17 blocks to dinner rather than paying $20 per person one way to get there. But don't worry about the cabbies, they aren't just making a lot of money today, they are also having some kind of 'spinal health' day, by not putting bags in, or removing bags from, their trunks. Whatever makes them happy, maybe they won't yell so many mean things at people tomorrow.

Well, it's time for bed here. It would be much nicer with a little white dog to cuddle, but we're pretty sure you're having a better time with AK and US and their dishwasher than you would have here.

Love, Mom and Dad


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