Friday, May 04, 2007

Another Rainy Day in Minnesota

Rainy Days Make for Good Pig Chasing Days!!!

The weathermen keep telling us that all this rain is good for us, and that we really need it. However, I need to take a walk to keep my girlish figure. Even an Uncle Steve walk would seem like a good idea at this point. The weekend sounds like the weathermen are going to a lot happier than I am. Uncle Steve laid on the fall and kept throwing the pig for so I could burn off some of the energy I built up taking all these naps. Wh0 says pigs can't fly!

Your trip sounds unbelievable. I like the part about the dogs. Let Uncle Steve know whether or not he should take me to our house on Monday morning, Monday afternoon, or whether you will pick me up here. Uncle Steve gets home about 3:30 pm on Monday afternoon, but he needs to leave about 6:00 pm.


The Speckster


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