Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Nice Day to Look Out the Window

Which one of those damned
dogs is barking?

Aunt Kathy and Uncle Steve's new windows make it really hard to tell which one of my mortal enemies is barking. I can definitely hear them, but they are inside and I am inside. I just can't tell who is barking. I know it cannot be my hearing, because I am not getting older or hard of hearing. (And neither is Uncle Steve. UNCLE STEVE - DID YOU HEAR ME????)

We had a nice quiet afternoon. Uncle Steve came in the back door as Aunt Kathy was going out the front, so I wasn't alone much after school. Uncle Steve had the really great idea of sitting in our Lazy Boy (see how I have learned to share). He read a book, and I kept look out for the basset hounds and golden retrievers. They wisely stayed inside, so I could take a nap in Uncle Steve's lap. Then I went down stairs to help him make dinner. Unfortunately, I did not have to clean up any spills.

Aunt Kathy left me a note. She wants to know if both of our cars are parked out front. She thought she had seen both cars and now she only sees one. Maybe her eye sight or memory is going bad. She is getting up there in years.

I am excited that you are coming home tomorrow. It is nice here, but there is no place like home.


The Speckster


At 10:14 PM, Blogger Speck said...

Hi Speck,

Good to hear you're making new friends in the canine neighborhood. Maybe you should live in New York, you've definitely got the attitude! Today, after a morning welcome of seeing a man yell at a "crazy old woman" (we cleaned up the language for your benefit), papa came back to the hotel and woke up sleepy head and we went to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. The Statue of Liberty was really neat. We got to go inside the base of her and see up her skirt into the structure of the statue. It was cool. Ellis Island was neat too, but the audio tour was so long that we started to feel like detained immigrants and skipped out before we finished. Superpapa thinks he could swim from Ellis Island over to Manhattan. He's super strong (or a little crazy/overconfident). Just like how you like to take on dogs that are twice your size. We stopped off at a store on the way back to the hotel to get you a surprise present. We think you're gonna like it!

Papa decided he'd rather go to another Broadway show than keep our reservation at a fancy restaurant tonight, so we took the subway to Times square and tried our luck to get tickets for Young Frankenstein. It was a long shot, since the show is new enough to still be in previews, but we sure got lucky, and got front row seats due to a cancellation. Wow! That was neat! We took a taxi back up to the Carnegie deli after the show to get a Pastrami Sangwich (when in Rome) and some cheesecake (again) (bad mama)and a black and white cookie for papa. It was yummy.

Tomorrow, we'll fly home and come get you after AK and US get home from school. Tell them thank you for taking such good care of you, and let Aunt Kathy know that we drove Mama's car to the Airport, so it's not missing. Nice eyes though.

See you soon, Love, Mom and Dad


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