Sunday, March 23, 2008


Mom, Uncle Steve said that Aunt Kathy told him that you told her that I can only have one milkbone a day! Mom, I will starve to death! Aunt Kathy has already taken me on two one hour walks, and Uncle Steve has me running all over the house chasing my stuffed animals. True, I am spending a lot of time in Uncle Steve's lap, but that is no reason to limit me to one milk bone a day. Do you know how hard I had to work to train Uncle Steve to give me a treat everytime we come in from outside! He doesn't even notice how often I have to go outside. It must be something old men relate to. So, please tell me it isn't so!!!

It snowed all day Saturday and most of the day on Sunday. As you can see, Uncle Steve has their backyard all set up for me. Also, I saw the basset hounds out the upstairs window. They have no idea how lucky they are theat Aunt Kathy and Uncle Steve didn't let me out of the house. Here again is another reason I need more than one milkbone a day. That took a lot of energy running around the house and barking at the basset hounds.

Hope your trip was OK. That sounded like an awful lot of time to spend in an airplane. Let me know when you get my meerkat.


The Speckster


At 9:48 AM, Blogger Gogii said...

Hi, Speck,
It's your grandma. You are such a sweet dog that of course you deserve more than one milkbone a day! What are your mom and dad thinking? Enjoy the fun trail that Uncle Steve shoveled for you.

At 3:03 PM, Blogger Speck said...

Hi Speck,
Okay, okay, I was wrong when I said "only one milkbone a day". This is turning into a scandal! I meant just one of the BIG Milk Bones per day, the rest are fair game. Even Papa is getting on my case for this now. Milk bones for everyone!!!!

Africa is neat. We didn't get to our safari camp until 3:30 this afternoon (flight issues) but we made it out on the afternoon game drive. We saw a herd of Impalas on the drive to our camp, and a group of elephants walked across the river from us while we were at the lodge having a late lunch.
We met up with our Ranger Matt and our tracker and a nice couple from London for an abbreviated afternoon/evening game drive. We saw a white rhino (it's not really white, they just call it that, long story) and then a giant herd of waterbuffalo. Then we saw three Mama lions with their nine cubs. Oh Speck, they were fuzzy and did a lot of the stuff that you do. Don't get me wrong, I'm not comparing you to a cat, that would be insulting. They were lounging around in the grass and playing lion grabass. Then, they got up and stretched the same way that you do in the morning (only, when you do it, you are much cuter). Later, we saw a chameleon, and got to pet it (no, not as soft as you) and Papa picked up a dung beatle (I had to pass on that one).

We had a lovely dinner in the Boma (a reed enclosed area with a fire pit) and now we're going to go to bed because it is midnight, and we leave for our morning drive in six hours. Ack.

Thank AK and US for all of the fun they're providing you. No luck on a meer cat for you yet. We'll send pictures tomorrow if we can figure it out.

Sorry again about the great Milk Bone prohibition of 2008. Freedom Now, little doggy!

Love, Mom and Dad


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