Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Lap Time of Dubious Quality

I was so excited. Uncle Steve stayed home with me today. I thought I was going to get some quality lap time. It started out alright, but then he has to go to the kitchen every 15 minutes to get a drink out of this 4 liter jug. 15 minutes is barely enough time to settle in. Then after that Uncle Steve spends an awful lot of time in the bathroom! I gave up on him and settled onto the couch in the living room. It was kind of fun to watch Uncle Steve fly up and down the stairs so he could drink that stuff in the refrigerator and then go to the bathroom. If I were him, I wouldn't buy any more of that stuff. It doesn't seem to agree with him.
Hope you had a nice trip over. Make sure to eat lots of brautworst for me.
The Speckster


At 9:58 AM, Blogger Speck said...

Guten Abend Speckster,
We're in Germany. It's pretty here, the leaves are turning color just like at home! We saw a real-authentic German Shepherd today. Bet he thinks he's pretty cool. Plus we saw a German Westie (who looked like he was not wanting for any sausage, if you know what I mean). Our hotel is a castle that someone bought and turned into a hotel. It's neat! Our bedroom is behind a secret door! Papa thinks it's a little annoying to have to go down two flights of stairs to pee at night, but I think it's quaint.

Today we went to a castle and had a tour in German (very informative, if you spoke German). Papa caught about every tenth word or so, I just followed along with the english written guide.

We're looking for a place to eat sausage for dinner tonight. Last night we ate at the castle and it was gourmet and good, but not sausage (and when in Rome... well you know).

We're having difficulties with the wifi in our room, so we might not be able to check in as often as we like, so don't worry if we miss a day.

Take care of US, and tell him to stop drinking that nasty stuff!

Love, Mom and Dad


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