Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mom!!! You Should See This Big Lake!!!!

You will not believe where Aunt Kathy and Uncle Steve have taken me. We drove for 5 hours and got to the biggest lake I have ever seen in my life. The shore is all rocks, and the waves are gigantic. I knew something was up when we started packing suitcases this morning. Then when I saw my backpack being loaded up, I just about went ballistic! The trip up was so exciting I just couldn't fall asleep. Aunt Kathy said I was really relaxed, and my eyes were making really big blinks, but I was not going to miss anything. Well, I did miss the last ten minutes before we got to the lake.

Once I saw where we were staying though, I woke right up. I tried to explore everything at once. Once we were unpacked, we went for a walk along the lake. That is where these pictures were taken. There is a smell in the air here that I have never smelled before. I think my nose is going to be really worn out. Uncle Steve put me up in this boat so I could feel like a sailor. However, I don't think I want to be on the water. Those waves are just too big. Uncle Steve was behind us taking this movie. He says he is sorry that it shakes so much, but it is just a little camera, and he is such a big guy!!!

Your trip just sounds neater and neater. Uncle Steve and Aunt Kathy remember the Rhine River. Uncle Steve thinks it looks a lot like the Mississippi River down by Dubuque, IA., however the people are easier to understand in Iowa. (Almost!)

Ich Dich Liebe!!!

The Speckster


At 3:25 AM, Blogger Speck said...

What a cool trip! What a pretty picture of you and AK. US is pretty lucky to have two girls up there with him! Speaking of US, is he really up there? or did the two of you take a girl's weekend? haven't seen any photographic evidence of him there.

Rothenburg is crazy-quaint and charming. We are overwhelmed by the cuteness. Good recommendation from the AK and US! Last night, we took the night watchman's tour of the city. He was pretty funny. It was super cold! But well worth the shivers to see the city at night and hear the history of the town.

Today, we'll drive to Munich. We'll check in on you when we get there later today. Sounds like you're having fun. Thank your cruise directors for us!

Love, Mom and Dad


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