Friday, October 17, 2008

I Am the Queen of the Lake!!!

From the bedroom upstairs the view of the lake makes me feel like the Queen of the Lake. You can see forever! And don't I just look like a queen! (Why did Uncle Steve snicker?)

Aunt Kathy and Uncle Steve spent most of the day reading and looking at the lake, so I took turns keeping their laps warm. They walked over to the cafe and got take-out to eat in the room. You wouldn't believe how quick Aunt Kathy is! I saw the edge of the napkin over the edge of the table. I knew that if I reached up and pulled the napkin down there would probably be something good to eat on the floor. However, Aunt Kathy was just too quick. She said she was going to tell on me, so I thought I had better confess first.

Aunt Kathy got over that pretty quick, because she took me for a walk later in the afternoon. Uncle Steve took this movie from the upstairs bedroom window. This is my favorite area. It is right between the room and the lake. There is about 10 yards of grass, and then nothing but rocks down to the lake. You can see the rocks right behind Aunt Kathy. They were both surprised what a good rock climber I am.

Uncle Steve did something kind of strange last night. He put a bunch of wood in a hole in the wall and set in on fire! I thought he had lost his mind. It looked like he was going to set the whole room on fire. He must have known what he was doing, because the fire just stayed in the hole in the wall. In fact the whole room got nice and toasty warm. I laid down in front of the hole in the wall, and it was quite comfortable.

I bet you are still having a good time on your trip. We figured out that you are about 7 hours ahead of our time. Hopefully, you are getting a good night's sleep as I write this.

Ich dich liebe!!!

The Speckster


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