Monday, October 20, 2008

A Boring Day at the Ranch

It was a nice quiet day at Camp Speck. Aunt Kathy and Uncle Steve went to work so I could get some sleep. They are dear people, but entertaining them takes a lot of energy. Uncle Steve got home about 3:30 and we went for a normal walk around Wolfe Lake. Then they both went to work out, and let me get some more rest.

Tonight Uncle Steve tried to get me to chase the pig, but I was not interested. So I just barked at him. We will settle him to serious lap time after dinner.

Sounds like your trip is just getting better and better. The castle pictures look really neat. If you don't like the chestnuts, bring the home. I won't mind eating them at all.

Uncle Steve thought you would like to see another movie of me barking. We are trying to figure out what else we can take movies of for you.

Ich dich liebe,

Das Speckster


At 4:16 PM, Blogger Speck said...

Hi Speck,
Glad to hear you're getting some rest after all that northwoods excitement! We like your barking videos, it's too quiet our hotel rooms without you.

We had a busy day today. We drove to Salzburg and walked around following a Rick Steve's tour. Salzburg is where they filmed the Sound of Music. Boy is it pretty. We grabbed some lunch at a meatshop and two kind of danish-y pretzels, as big as our heads!
We got to Vienna, just in time to jump in the shower and go across the street to the Opera. It was super neat! The lady wasn't really fat, just a little chunky, but man can she sing! We saw Verdi's "La Traviata". The Vienna State Opera house, where we saw the opera is really neat! We have to double check, but we think Mozart actually directed operas there. They have these really neat screens that are in front of each seat, that gives you the translation of what they're singins in English. That way, we don't just sit there like a couple of Gomers not understanding anything. We got back to the hotel pretty late, but had dinner in their restaurant. It was fancy, but we had fun anyway. That reminds me, there's a new category of food from the trip.

Food that tastes much better than it sounds: We've been eating these breaded ground meat patty sandwiches that we get at the butcher shops for lunch. They are really good. So far, the best description we've gotten out of anyone is that they are pork "Schwein" and beef. At dinner tonight, the waiter brought out an appetizer of different spreads, and one of them looked like the inside of one of those breaded dealies. We asked him what that is, because we've been gobbling it all over Germany, and he said that it is SchweinLard. Yep, pig lard kids. Now, I'm sure little white dogs have no problem with such things, but little white dogs don't have personal trainers to explain to. We'll just keep this one under our hats.

Well, it's pretty late. We got a couple of slices of Sachertorte cake to go from the Restaurant, and we're going to scarf them in our pajamas! I forgot to mention, that's why we chose this hotel. They invented the Sachertorte, hence the name, the Hotel Sacher.

Anyway, time for bed. We'll check in with you tomorrow.

Love, Mom and Dad


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