Friday, January 16, 2009

Starting to Warm Up

I really am cute, aren't I?

Uncle Steve shoveled a path for me to do my duty in the backyard, but it has been so cold I have not taken advantage of it. It has warmed up enough that I have stopped clawing at the door, but I am not spending anymore time outside than is absolutely necessary.

Uncle Steve got home about 3:15 today, and we had some quality lap time. We sat in the chair in the guest room, so I could survey the backyard. After just a little surveying, I decided that nap time was needed. After Aunt Kathy got home, they went out to eat, but as soon as they got back I had Uncle Steve get back into the lazy boy. It didn't seem like he needed much convincing. He may have actually thought it was his idea, but I know better.

Aunt Kathy and Uncle Steve are going to Orchestra Hall tomorrow night. They said to just come over and get me if you arrive late. They trust me to take care of the house when they are gone. It must be the way I scare off the newspaper guy every morning.


The Speckster


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