Friday, October 24, 2008

Nice Day for a Walk!

Uncle Steve got home in time today to take me for a nice walk around Wolfe Park. Nothing too far, but plenty of birds, squirrels, and rabbits to chase. I even chased a cat off. Uncle Steve was going to help me chase the cat, but he was afraid he would hurt his bad leg. He said he can run pretty fast if it involves chasing a cat.
You can see here that I not only lap hop, but I bed hop too. This is a pretty comfy bed, and I can see out the back window.
Your trip just sounds neater with each description. Sometimes PBS has specials with European orchestras, so Uncle Steve has seen some of the concerts that you were describing. He sounded kind of jealous.
Uncle Steve says just call when you get home. They go to bed early, but Uncle Steve never gets to sleep until midnight at the earliest. Just call his cell phone so you don't bother Aunt Kathy. However, did you ever think that you might have to wake me up?
Uncle Steve had me do some more tricks for today's video. He doesn't make me work very hard for the treat. (I trained him that way!)

Ich dich liebe,

Das Speckster


At 3:52 PM, Blogger Speck said...

Hey Speckster-

Just got back from dinner here. The restaurant was one of those places where they bring food out on spits and carve it at the table. Pretty cool. Before that we went to a Black Light show which was kind of goofy in an 80's sort of way. Hard to explain, but needless to say it was an experience.

Earlier in the day we went to Prague castle and looked at all the sights. Afterwards we went to a monastery where they do miniature artwork. Like animals on the leg of a mosquito or on a sesame seed. Even the museum was small! You needed a magnifying glass or a microscope to see it. Jesus on a sesame seed? Best 50 crowns we ever spent ($2.50).

Glad to hear you got out for a walk! Tell US to keep nursing that leg so he can get all better for running again. We'll call US's cell when we get in (just in case I can't find it in my phone, please let him know to post it here). If we're running late, we'll try to call. We have to go through Chicago on the way, so that would give us a chance to let him know.

Tomorrow we're off to see a few more sights and get ready to come home. Cuddle AK and US extra hard you get an extra hour of barking for AK!

Love Mom and Dad.


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