Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Rainy Day in Minnesota

It rained almost all day long!!! No walk for Speck. Quick trips outside for Speck. Dull day for Speck. Once everybody got home, I did some serious lap hopping. As you can see, I was pretty bored. I didn't even try to kill the teddy bear behind me.

Uncle Steve was watching something on the computer that he was laughing at, but I came upstairs real quick and let him know that I did not like the sound of that barking. I think he intends to watch it once I'm back home.

I hope the weather clears tomorrow so I can get some more action.

Ich dich liebe,

Das Speckster


At 10:41 AM, Blogger Speck said...

Hi Speck,
Sorry to hear it is rainy there. It's been cold and blustery here. Pretty soon Papa is going to rip up a teddy bear too. Today, we went to the Burg Garden outside the Hapsburg's palace where they have a big greenhouse that is filled with tropical plants, and butterflies. They were everywhere! Mama had one dive-bomb her head, but most of them just sip on fermented banana slices and then fly around playing butterfly grab-ass with each other. It was really neat! We went to a shop and ordered a new house number for your house too. Not a new number, just a new plaque for it. It looks like all of the street signs in Vienna. Then we took a taxi to a suburb to see the house where Beethoven wrote his 9th Symphony. It was pretty underwhelming. Tonight, we have tickets to the Imperial Orchestra, and a reservation at some restaurant the the Concierge at the hotel set up for us. Honestly, we're kind of tired of food that we can't figure out. I think we're just about ready for some good ol' american Haute Cuisine like "Shake 'n' Bake".

We saw a Westie today up by Beethoven's house (not even close to as cute as you, duh) but we did decide that it would be an official Veiner-dog get it? Probably not. I barely do.

Hey, by the way, let US know that we won't be home until Monday! So he gets a little more lap (or yap) time than he thought!

Talk to you soon, Love, Mom and Dad


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