Saturday, October 25, 2008

Boring Day at the Ranch

I wondered if Uncle Steve was ever going to get home to help me with the blog. He left for a computer class early this morning. Then Aunt Kathy went to work at a pancake breakfast for her school. When she got home, she worked outside in the yard. Uncle Steve got home and they left to go have dinner with friends from college, and then went to a marching band show. I finally just sat in the blog chair and waited until Uncle Steve could help me write something.
When they got home from their evening out, I had given up on them and went to bed. Aunt Kathy came in and picked me up to wake me up. I didn't appreciate her laughing so hard. I think someone is going to get a cold nose in the ear at 3:00 a.m.!!!
Glad to hear you are having a good time. Uncle Steve sent you an E-mail with his cell phone number. He was worried about how many phone calls he might get if he put his cell phone number on my web page. Thousands of people probably check this site out daily, and he could have that many people calling his phone. Actually just a few of his students might be a problem.
Ich dich liebe!!!
Das Speckster


At 11:05 AM, Blogger Speck said...

Hi Speck,
Good thing you were there to watch the house! I bet the hounds next door were just waiting for such a busy day for US and AK so that they could make a break for a hostile takeover of the house!

Today, we went to the Stare Mesto (old town) of Prague. Funny, it doesn't seem that much older than the neighborhood we're staying in the "Mala Strana" (which, doesnt' mean New town, that would be the Nove Mesto across the river). Actually, we have no idea what "Mala Strana" means, but if I had to guess, it would be "steep, bitch of a climb".

Today we saw the Oldest synagogue in Europe, and Prague's old Jewish Cemetery. Papa had to wear a funny hat inside. He looked like a gomer in it, but it's the respectful thing to do. We also went to an antique market and bought an old bell that hangs on the side of a door. I think it is from before they had doorbells, but the language barrier made it impossible to know how old it is. We also went to the Church of St. James. It's a really pretty baroque church with a whole lot of beautiful frescoes, and statues, and...a dessicated arm hanging from the ceiling!!! Those nutty catholics, always finding some new way to freak people out! Legend has it that the arm belonged to a jewel thief who tried to steal the jewels from their statue of Mary. The statue didn't like that, so she grabbed his arm, and they had to cut it off. Now, what happened between cutting off the arm and deciding it was a good idea to hang it from the church ceiling, we don't know, but who are we to judge.

Tonight we're going down to the Charles Bridge to take some pictures of our neighborhood at night. If it's clear enough, you can see the castle lit up in the background. Last night it was foggy, so we couldn't get a good shot. It's awfully cold out there, and we didn't bring very warm coats, so this is another example of how nice Papa is for walking me down there.

Tomorrow, we get on a plane and go to Amsterdam, then to Chicago, then, home to Speckster. We saw a Czech Westie today, and got to pet her, but her name was too hard to remember. Maybe we'll give you a Czech nickname when we get home.

Take care of AK and US, and we'll see you soon, Love, Mom and Dad


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