Saturday, February 28, 2009

Typical Saturday at Aunt Kathy's and Uncle Steve's

Life is settling into a pretty predictable routine. Uncle Steve feeds me breakfast, takes me outside, and then leaves to go workout. I help Aunt Kathy read the paper, and then I try to convince her that I haven't had breakfast yet. However, she never falls for it. Around noon, Uncle Steve comes back, and takes Aunt Kathy to lunch and grocery shopping. They came back with more pictures of their grandchild. I have had to work double time to be as cute as the grandchild. When they come back, I keep Uncle Steve's lap warm while he reads his books. He spent a lot of time reading with his eyes closed this afternoon. I think it had something to do with all the snow this week.I beg for dinner, get to go outside again, and then settle back into Uncle Steve's lap to watch TV. I got to back at some dogs on TV tonight. There were also 5 police cars at a house across the street that I got to bark at. We can all hardly wait to figure out what that was all about.

As you can see in this video, I am quite the expert at begging for treats. It is so easy with Uncle Steve that it is like taking candy from a baby. He took me out right after I ate, and when we came back in I went to the treats and he gave me one. Aunt Kathy said, "She just ate." Uncle Steve said, "What can I say. I am well trained!"

The Speckster


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