Thursday, February 26, 2009


Mom, I thought you could really swear, but you need to take lessons from Uncle Steve if you want to keep up. When he came home and saw how much snow there was in the neighborhood, he let loose with a string of swear words that was unbelievable. I had heard most of them before, but he put them together in a string that I thought would never stop, and in quite a unique order. The final four letter word was snow, and the way he said it made it sound like the most vulgar of all.

However, he did go out and shovel a path for me right when he got home. Aunt Kathy got home just as I was finishing my duty, and we all got to go into the house together. That was fun. Aunt Kathy does quite the dance when she is walking on ice with a puppy running between her legs. Uncle Steve went right back outside, and shoveled the side walks, shoveled the driveway, shoveled the steps, shoveled the roof, salted the sidewalks. He is waiting for me in my lazyboy to finish the blog this so we can tap a nap before we go to bed.

Uncle Steve was trying to think of something he had not had me do for a video. Given the shity mode he was in, he thought of this video. (I turned my back so no one will know that it is me!)


The Speckster


At 12:23 AM, Blogger Speck said...

Hi Speck. Nice pooping. That was a regular pupu platter. Need we continue?

Uncle Steve looks to have finally dropped off the deep end. We like it. It makes for more entertaining videos.

If it makes you feel any better, it's pretty chilly here too (relatively speaking). The locals are wearing hooded sweatshirts, and we're wearing the same things out to dinner each night because they're the only long sleeve things we packed. We tried to take a hang glider ride, but they've cancelled all of the rides until next Wednesday because it's so windy.

Nonetheless, we're having a good time. Today we went on a hike to a mountain called Nou Nou (a.k.a. the sleeping giant, because it looks like a guy sleeping face up). The hike looked just fine to Mama, but Papa decided that it wasn't tough enough, so we started at our condo, rather than driving to the trailhead. All totalled, it came to around 9 miles. Not bad if you're used to running marathons, but one of us is not! We also found ourselves almost to the exit trail before running into a nice local guy and his dog Nalu, who led us back up to the top of the mountain. He also showed us a neat side path to a hole in the mountain to crawl through and see the other side. We ended up on the Giant's chin, and then, when Russell and Nalu left, we went up to the forehead. We could see our condo from the top. It was neat. We went out to dinner later with your Grandma and Grandpa, they're staying in the condo next door. It was at a restaurant caled Hukilau, and it was delicious.

Take good care of AK and US. You know, they're Grandparents now, so go easy on them on the walks.

Love, Mom and Dad


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