Friday, February 27, 2009

The Snow Finally Stopped!!!

Well, the snow finally stopped sometime during the night. Then the wind picked up, and the temperature went down, so it was a typical day after the blizzard here in Minnesota. Friday's are pretty quite around here, and I am settling into my Aunt Kathy and Uncle Steve routine. I scare off the newspaper guy at 6:00 am. It seems funny that Aunt Kathy never thanks me for being such a good watch dog that early in the morning. By 6:30, everyone is off to work, leaving the house in my capable hands. So I promptly go to sleep. Sometime late-afternoon, Uncle Steve comes home to let me outside and play. Normally we would take a walk, but it is too darn cold. We went to get the mail, and I was trying to levitate by the time we got back.
We do have one issue. The food bag did not have my scoop in it. Uncle Steve thinks I am fed 1/4 of a cup of dog food. I assured him that it really 3/4 of a cup. I was thinking of trying to convince him to super size my meals, but even Uncle Steve is not that gullible.
I am not sure what the plans are for tomorrow, but if there is not a lot of quality lap time in the lazyboy I will be very surprised. So far, that has been our major entertainment.
Your trip sounds like a lot of fun, as usual. Aunt Kathy can relate to being taken on "just a short hike". Whenever Uncle Steve says, "It's not very far!", Aunt Kathy just looks at him and wonders, "Does he really think I am that dumb!"
Think of me snuggled up warm and cozy in Uncle Steve's lap.
The Speckster


At 12:43 AM, Blogger Speck said...

Hey Speckster-

Glad to hear the snow finally stopped! It's been really windy here and still is. Tell US that we like to think of you having lap time with him whenever we wonder what you're doing.

Today we drove to the north side of the Island and had a chill out day with Grammy/Grampy. Had some lunch, shopped a little, stopped for a smoothie and a pineapple and then came home and finished working a puzzle with them.

Tomorrow we're having brunch together before Grammy/Grampy leave and then we're going to the beach! Maybe we'll have some pictures of us there to send. Papa's going to try to go surfing.

Say hi and thanks to Uma and Pharlap. haha.

Oma and Phar-Phar.

love mom and dad.


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