Thursday, April 30, 2009

Quiet Day in Minnesota

I am not to fond of Thursday. Uncle Steve works until 6:00 and Aunt Kathy had an Open House at her school. She came home at 4:30 to let me take care of my duty, but she was off again. Uncle Steve got home at 6:30, fed me, played with me (as you can see in the video), and then we went upstairs to watch TV. A commercial had a bear in it, so I just flew off of Uncle Steve's lap to get that bear. Uncle Steve yelled really loud, and then started talking funny. The bear was gone before I could get it, and Uncle Steve recovered fairly quickly. That was the excitement for the day.

Twitter is kind of fun. When there is some quick note I want to send you, Uncle Steve let's me use his cell phone and you know just what I'm doing. That could be good, or bad!


The Speckster


At 3:54 PM, Blogger Speck said...

Hi Speck,
We tried to leave you a twitter message, but we're apparently too untwittery to figure it out. Anyway, glad to hear you're keeping US entertained by making him throw your polar bear to you. He's been focused too much on trainig for the marathon, so an arm workout is probably in order.

Today, we went to Westminster Abbey. We timed our trip to the Abbey to see the changing of the guard at Buckingham palace on the way. Those guys sure know how to make an entrance to work. I've decided that from now on, I'm going to have a full military band march me to the shop each morning. Papa seems to think this would be appropriate for me as I'm a ruthless dictator. The Abbey was neat. It's the biggest non-catholic church we've ever seen, and they have lots of really cool people buried there. We saw Sir Isaac Newton's tomb as well as Charles Dickens, Charles Darwin, and lots of other smart guys. We also saw the royal throne on which all of the British Queens and or Kings have been Coronated.

Then, we went to the Churchill's war rooms. They opened the reinforced basement bunker that Winston Churchill and his crew lived in during the war for tourists. Talk about not-so-ritzy. Their rooms were teeny underground cells with no windows, no flushing toilets (unless you were the prime minister) but lots of ash trays. They had rooms for the entire British Cabinet, the BBC, a secretary and typist pool, and guys working the map room, and other strategic stuff all in the tiniest space. As soon as the air raids in London were over, they hightailed it out of there and left it pretty much untouched. I suppose six years in a tiny underground barracks was enough to make them not so concerned about packing up and tidying up the place. It was neat to see, but I'm glad we got to leave. After that, we walked past Number 10 Downing St. but didn't get to see Gordon Brown.

We went to Harrod's on our way back to the hotel to buy you a special treat for when we get home. That place is nutty. Talk about department store! They have a cosmetics department, a purse department, sunglass department, men's, women's, "PET KINGDOM" (where we could have bought you a Cavalier King Charles brother or sister for 1500 pounds, or a black leather studded doggie jacket for 570 pounds. You'll just have to wait to see what we got you (for a little bit less money) they also have a sporting goods floor, toy floor, a meat department, vegetable and fruit department, entire candy department with separate chocolate department, pastry, tea, etc. Needless to say, we were out of our league. I think next trip to London, we'll need to bring along someone who isn't afraid of shopping to help out.

Anyway, I'll stop my novel short. We'll check in again tomorrow. Keep close watch on AK and US and make sure they behave themselves while we're gone. Be good, love, Mom and Dad


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