Monday, March 02, 2009

Aunt Kathy and Uncle Steve Sure Stay Busy!

I know now why Uncle Steve and Aunt Kathy haven't gotten their own dog. They are never home. Uncle Steve comes home about 3:30, then he is off to work out. Aunt Kathy comes home about 4:00, and then she is off to Jazzercise. Then get home for dinner, and then they are off to some meeting, or errand. They try to work it out so one of them is home to pay attention to me. It is no problem, because as you know, I tend to sleep alot.

When Uncle Steve got home tonight, I was in the front window waiting for him. Their big front window is really fun to look out. I sit on their couch, and I can survey almost the entire neighborhood. We still haven't found out what the police were doing across the street.

We did have a little excitement this morning at 5:15 am. Uncle Steve took me outside, and TJ, the basset hound was in his backyard. TJ had the audacity to bark at me. I let him have it right back. I not sure who made more noise, the dogs barking at each other, or the humans telling us to be quite. Those humans actually expected us to listen to them. Actually, when Uncle Steve said, "Do you want a treat?" I did listen. To hell with TJ, I'm getting a treat!!!

Uncle Steve wants to know the details for you picking me up. We still don't have a front door, so it appears that you will have to come get me. Uncle Steve is not coming home Wednesday night, and Aunt Kathy doesn't get home until about 6:45.

See you soon,


The Speckster


At 9:03 PM, Blogger Speck said...

Wow! I forgot how loud you get when it's dinnertime! Glad to hear you showed TJ who's boss. I bet he won't mess with you anymore.

Good to hear AK and US are staying busy. That just gives you more time to set up the house the way you like it!

Today we went for a hike on the Kalalau trail which is the entrance to the Na Pali coast. Man was it muddy and slippery. Great views the whole way a couple miles into a beach and back. We also saw 2 RATS! right on the little trail. You would have chased them off the edge of the cliff for sure. Tomorrow we hope to get to the beach. Well, we should get going. We need to have belly baths for our muddy legs.

Tell US that we get back around 2:00 on Wednesday and that he can just leave you at his house. We'll call when we get into town and figure out how to get you. Hopefully we'll have a door by then!

Love Mom and Dad.

At 1:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Robin and Brian,
See, the Kalalau trail is killer! Was the mud flowing like a river? That's how it was when we were there. Did you see any cats on the beach when you got there? Maybe the rats ate them...



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