Sunday, March 01, 2009

We Went for a Short Walk

It is getting a little bit nicer here. The sun was out and the high was in the mid 20's, so Uncle Steve took me for a quick walk around the block. It was sure good to get out, but I am glad we didn't go very far. I'm not sure Uncle Steve could carry me very far.

At lunch Aunt Kathy thought it would be a good idea if I sat on her lap after they were done eating. Apparently, this is something they did with their dog before I showed up. She looked me square in the eye, and told me to come. She really thought I was going to listen to someone without a treat in their hand. I thought I had her better trained than that. She kept telling me to come. I got kind of tired of it, so I went to Uncle Steve. He thought that was pretty funny. However, when he saw the look on Aunt Kathy's face, he thought it would be the best for both of us if he picked me up, and put me in Aunt Kathy's lap. When I saw the look on her face, I agreed with Uncle Steve. I may have pushed Aunt Kathy too far. It would seem that not too many people ignore Aunt Kathy. I will have to keep that in mind that next time I decide to bate her.

Uncle Steve heard me telling Aunt Kathy it was time to eat, so he came down and got a video of it. It is much more tasteful then the "Moon over Minnesota" shot.

Sounds like you are having fun.


The Speckster


At 8:27 PM, Blogger Speck said...

Hi Speck,

Sounds pretty exciting to get your own private viewing of "cops". Maybe they were trafficking in black market dog treats over there.
It's been really windy here. They cancelled the hang glider tours and yesterday, cancelled surfing lessons due to the scary waves too. It's been kind of chilly, but not as cold as at home, so we'll just keep those thoughts to ouselves to avoid sounding like jerks!

Today, we went down to Poipu Beach and decided that "by hook or by crook, we were going to have a beach day". We got sprinkled on a little bit, but the sun came out eventually and Papa took a surfing lesson from some guy who told us that he is a "surf legend". I was more impressed that he had a little dog there with him (Kiwi) who didn't run off to catch things in the bushes while he was in the water. Kiwi musn't be too motivated like you are to catch varmits. She just chilled on the beach with me while we watched those two out in the water. She was particularly put out when her surf pal picked her up and put her in the ocean. I think she was annoyed by the whole exercise.

We love your video. You are even cuter in motion. Be sure to keep AK and US entertained while we're gone.

Love, Mom and Dad


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